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From offline object to digital added value
in one minute makes the difference: The tool that lets you design your analog objects digitally. Give your customers significant added value and generate additional sales!


Interaction area

The RFID/NFC tag or unique QR code (i.XQR) allows your customer to interact quickly with your added value.

icon IoT Cloud

IoT cloud

With the Connect One® Cloud, you can easily and securely manage all devices & objects in real time.

Digital services

Easily provide your customers with new services and content digitally and increase your sales.


Statistics give you reliable insights into the interaction of your customers with all linked objects.

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You can conveniently provide your services via the individually designed web app.

What is and how can it support you? builds the bridge from analog objects to digital twins. With, you can manage fixed assets, consumables and other assets quickly and easily.
You can integrate not only for new machines or goods, but also as a retrofit solution for all objects in the field.
The digital twin is as unique as the physical object connected to it.

With the help of RFID/NFC technology or a unique QR code (i.XQR), you can seamlessly manage, control and digitally upgrade your objects.
Your customer interacts simply and intuitively via their smartphone – without the need to install an app. opens up completely new business models that enable you to offer your customers real added value – and thus generate higher sales with them.
Whether it’s a direct webshop connection or arranging warranty extensions:
With you connect your offline objects with your digital order entry. Individual usage is presented in a comprehensible way and with exciting dashboards.
In this way, you will sustainably advance the connection between your customer and your customer service, after-sales and key account management.

Your advantages with

Increased service quality

Spare parts service, warranty and
Device information

New business models

Real-time customer interaction,
Webshop connections

Digital labeling

Validation of product authenticity,
also according to DIN

Real-time information

Current operating instructions, recalls

Simple device management

IoT cloud with statistics and
URL management for every device

Optimal usability

White-label web application with
Online configurator

Application scenarios

Real-time management of your devices via the cloud

Digital nameplate makes product identification smart and digital.

A digital rating plate gives you completely new service dimensions that you can make available to your customers quickly and easily: Operating instructions in different language versions, serial numbers, product data – optimized according to DIN 91406, additional services via code entries, direct contact to the repair service, direct ordering of suitable spare parts and consumables, service login for technicians for extended device information.

Another USP: globality! Thanks to the globally available RFID frequency of 13.56 MHz, the technology works everywhere.


Give your products and objects a digital makeover – with Retrofit.

With the SmartButtn, it’s easy: simply attach the SmartButtn with RFID/NFC tag to the desired location and the machine is connected to the Internet.

This allows you to provide valuable real-time information: Operating instructions, recalls, product offers. You can also significantly improve your service quality: This is ensured by a digital spare parts service and warranty information.

With Retrofit, you benefit twice: from low investment costs and meaningful sustainability through the continued use of your machines, systems, products or objects provides you with a special solution for simple offline-to-online conversion:
Whether SmartButtn, unique QR code or fixed integration – you pick up your customers with special information exactly where they are. On your shop window, on your advertising poster or in your store directly on the product. We take your customers exactly where you want them to go: To product information, an explanatory video or directly to your online store. All the customer needs is their smartphone.

Whether sales campaigns for new and existing customers, cross-selling or up-selling – there are no limits to the possibilities: sales promotions, individual discount campaigns, webshop or landing page connections, competitions,
Appointment calendar, specific customer approach: everything is possible!

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